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By Erik Matthew Hendel

(Everyday falls)

Fires burned out, they watched the warning sign
Thunderstorms and underworld combine
Move a rust-stained barricade to find
the glory faded family line

Following the sun to wider skies
Setting and conditions otherwise
Infinite contingency gave rise
rudiments of enterprise

Everyday falls to never
in waiting whatsoever

But I can make a new start on thoroughfares sublime
When starting over's over, nothing's left but time

Through indifferent occupation tried
Strikingly unprompted we decide
whereabouts and bearings to reside
Past experience replied

Everyday falls to never
in diligent endeavor

(Time) I'm not throwing away
I'm not...

Confident in calculated try
The challenge here inherent to deny
Heritage's oneness magnify
burden rooted in goodbye

Everyday falls to never
in yearning for forever

(Time) I'm not throwing away

Time pays for dedication
In searching for salvation
Now I've made the time,
I'm not throwing away