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If Not Tonight ...
Released August 25, 2006
$12.00 + $2.25 shipping
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Download it now from iTunes: Haiku Rd. - If Not Tonight ...

As part of our special promotion for If Not Tonight ..., visit our
MySpace page to listen, rate and download "One Leg at a Time" and "Smile" — or check out the excerpts from all the tracks below:

if not tonight ...
One Leg at a Time MP3 Download
Always the Last One MP3 Download
Age of Myth MP3 Download
16 MP3 Download
Suddenly Silent MP3 Download
Smile MP3 Download
I’m Sure You Could Tell MP3 Download
Tall Tales & Nightingales  MP3 Download
Walk Away MP3 Download
Take Me Out MP3 Download
Suicide MP3 Download
Dirty Wind MP3 Download

Solos and Demos:

Preparation H(aiku)
Released 2004 —
Limited Quantities Available — $8.00 + $2.25 shipping

To satisfy the folks who were just not willing to wait for If Not Tonight ... (and who could blame them?), Preparation H(aiku) was put togther from pre-existing recordings. It contains tracks from the first Hadrian's Wall album (entitled Haiku Rd.), a few tracks from Richard's self-produced solo CD (d)emo, and one solo track from Erik. Most of these tracks are otherwise unavailable or out of print, so please e-mail us if you'd like a copy.

if not tonight ... 1. Walk Away (Richard solo demo)
2. Writing on the Sea (Hadrian's Wall)
3. Charade (Erik solo) MP3 Download
4. The Fool has Parted (Hadrian's Wall)
5. Suicide (Richard solo demo)
6. I Don't Miss You (Richard solo)
7. Bird of Paradise (Hadrian's Wall)
8. Leaves are Turning (Richard solo)
9. 16 (Richard solo demo)
10. How I Spent My Time (Hadrian's Wall)

More Songs:

Holiday Themed Tunes:

  • Ho, Ho, Ho (Christmas parody of What's Up?) MP3 Download
  • Mad X-Mas MP3 Download
  • Thanksgiving (Richard solo) MP3 Download