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Bird of Paradise

By Chris Devine

Bird of paradise locked in a cage,
Sing to my heart of an unsure age.
This is a songbook; write me a page,
For if I am the fool, I know you are the sage.

Bird of paradise far from the shore,
Tell to me everything I want and more,
Tell to me secrets of what I have in store,
Shield me from pain with your magical lore.

Bird of paradise, dance on the wire.
Encourage me now to respect and admire.
Dance the beginnings of ghosts of desire,
Show me the motions a new love requires.

I've never written songs about the sea,
I only write songs for where I want to be.
But when I come to earth on white wings,
I'm forced to remember incredible things.

Bird of paradise held by the earth,
I sing of the soil that gave you birth.
Whatever it is, help me to unearth
The secret of ending, the time of rebirth.

Bird of paradise, locked in a cage.