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Haiku Rd.We began our journey to Haiku Rd. in Honolulu in the mid-'90s. Chris Devine and Richard Moore joined with New York native Pete Wysard in the Celtic singer-songwriter folk-rock trio Hadrian's Wall, which played extensively around Oahu, earning a well-earned but short-lived reputation as 'the best band in Honolulu,' according to one promoter. They released one album, Haiku Rd., named after a road sign Chris had seen on Maui, struck by a heavenly beam of light that Chris, to the befuddlement of his compatriots, insisted had a deep spiritual meaning. Though they scattered to at least three of the four corners of the United States, some reunions followed over the next few years in Oregon and Arizona, and eventually Richard came to seek his fortunes in Chris's home town of Phoenix. Pete went back to New York, where he plays music occasionally and is making a name for himself in artistic photography circles.

Haiku Rd.In 2004, Richard and Chris decided to start playing music together more regularly, but the old name no longer fit ... they were concentrating more on their songwriting and less on the Celtic folk music, and it seemed wrong to apply the old name to a different band. This became particularly true when Erik Hendel entered the mix on bass guitar and vocals, expanding the sound AND the others' musical horizons until he departed from the fold in 2008. So Haiku Rd. it was and is.

And where is that road taking us? We don't know; we're too busy enjoying the ride.