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l-r: Richard, Erik and ChrisBreaking news ... With Richard's departure to his home state of Oregon, Haiku Rd. has ceased to be as of the end of June. Chris has some other irons in the fire, about which more will be posted soon, and you can still get in touch with the boys through the e-mail links here. As a parting gift, we offer some music.

Drawn from the recording sessions for If Not Tonight ..., "Cruel Sister" never made the album for a couple of reasons. One, it never really felt finished. And two, it was just too folky -- Despite our on-stage super-folkiness, the album itself was a bit less so, and it just didn't fit in. Now that some time has past, we added some more instruments and remixed the thing. It was the first track finished for what was intended to be our followup CD, the generically but provisionally titled Folk E.P.

So here it is, in more or less finished form as an MP3, at no cost and freely distributable: Cruel Sister. Enjoy!

Fun fact, at 18 audible tracks, this is the most musically dense song to come out of the album recording sessions. For the record, here's what and who you hear:

  • Chris: Lead vocals, 6-string acoustic guitars, Irish bouzouki, harpsichord, bass keyboards, shaker, djembe, studio trickery, editing, co-production and final mix
  • Richard: Backing vocals, 12-string guitars
  • Erik: Backing vocals, bass guitars, studio trickery, co-production and early mix

And now back to the rest of the web site ... Read it in a historical context; this is where we were recently ...

Haiku Rd. is Phoenix's own, acoustic, folk/alternative rock outfit (with a Celtic flavor). The duo of Chris Devine and Richard E. Moore brings acoustic music with passion, energy and authenticity, as showcased in their debut album, If Not Tonight ... (available for purchase on CD and iTunes), and rich harmonies and raw energy mix with wit and fun for diversely entertaining live performances.

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Now that all of that is out of the way, we can stop talking about ourselves in the third person. And speaking of us talking — about ourselves and our music — there's plenty of that to listen to on the RoadCasts (our regular Podcast program).

To get the latest on when and where we'll be playing next and other up-to-the-minute info, check out our MySpace page. Prefer that we send you an e-mail with the latest and greatest? Feel free to sign up for the official Haiku Rd. News e-mail list. And, as we further expand our internet presence to get Haiku Rd. music in front of as large an audience as possible, visit our GarageBand.com page.

l-r: Richard, Chris and ErikWe're always open to performance and public appearance possibilities. Contact us if you are interested in having us play at your venue or event, or if you know of a place where you think we (and, more importantly, the audience) would have fun! A full promo pack is available upon request. We're open to just about any sort of location or event ... bars/pubs, coffeehouses, galleries, restaurants, festivals (particularly of the Scottish or Irish variety), street fairs, art fairs, private parties, special events, ... punk clubs (yes, we've actually done this before — it was way fun!). You name it, we can adapt!


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